class practicing yoga

One of the most therapeutic activities that you can do, especially if you are living a busy lifestyle, is to practice yoga and meditation. Whilst we are all aware that exercise, in general, possesses many positive benefits to optimal health, yoga and meditation can provide additional benefits that can sooth the soul whilst also burning calories. Here are some of the major strengths, of engaging with your inner-self through the practice of yoga and meditation:

The integration of body, mind, and soul


The beauty of yoga is that it consists of mental, spiritual and physical elements that engage your entire body. It is effectively a form of meditation that demands incredible focus as you move from one yoga position to another and another. You not only become much more flexible in body, but you will find that you gain flexibility in how you approach life as well. Your overall health will change as you not only engage in regular yoga but also in other lifestyle changes that will be positively affected by engaging in this practice.

A healthier heart


Studies have shown that engaging in regular yoga classes can improve heart health. It has shown to improve irregular heartbeat in adults as well as improving blood pressure amongst a group of schoolchildren who undertook a study to test the effects. Such benefits cannot be understated.

Meditation can reduce stress, anxiety and panic disorders


A University of Madison study found that open monitoring meditation reduces grey matter density in areas of the brain that are related to stress and anxiety.  In relation to panic disorders, a study found that 22 patients diagnosed with panic disorder had benefited greatly following consistent meditation sessions.

Meditating can improve focus and attention


A study conducted at the University of California revealed that following meditation training, participants were much more skilled at keeping focus especially relating to mundane tasks. In another study, with just 20 minutes of meditation a day, participants were able to improve their results of cognitive skills tests, in some cases by over 10 times that of the control group.

These are just a few of the many benefits of yoga and meditation. Stay tuned for more articles relating to its impact on creating a better you!