The jobs that are most competitive amongst volunteers

It is a dream come true for anyone who can travel to other places yet make a difference. These are few of the benefits gained when you embark on a volunteering program. Whether this is due to the gaps in your academic program,  n activity with friends or even a personal journey, helping others through volunteer jobs can be a good option for you. Work with animals in exotic locations, go on a medical internship aboard a floating hospital, work with conservation specialists and teach students on different subjects. Having a volunteer job is a life-changing opportunity to touch other lives. You can learn new skills, touch the lives of others, travel and make a difference.  For couples, this is a good activity that the two of you can get involved in, start working as a couple with these volunteer jobs.


Marine conservation at its finest


With over 300 beaches along its coastline, volunteer jobs in Costa Rica can never be boring. Turtle hatchings can be experienced every time and anywhere in I beaches. As a volunteer, you have the big role in fighting a battle against poaching and pollution. Turtle conservation and research is the main activity but you can still get involved in health care provisions teaching English or care for children with special needs.

What you can gain in Ghana


When you dream of Africa, why not travel to Ghana and embark on jobs that involve teaching English, providing medical care. Unlike other West African nations, Ghana has not experienced the ethnic and civil wars.  Yet, it still faces the challenges of development for its population. As a volunteer, you have the challenge to make a difference in development work.  On a lighter side, while you stay there, be amazed at the historic forts and castles that you cannot find in any African nations. Then marvel at the elephant herds in Mole National Park.

Tibet could be your best bet    


The richness of the culture of the Tibetans is enough for one to be lured to travel to Tibet. For someone who has a vast interest in sociology or anthropology, this experience could be for you. If you want to make real connections with people in the community, you can stay at the home of a Tibetan family to for a real-life immersion.

In the heart of South Africa


If you are an HIV /AIDS advocate, South Africa is a good place for you as a volunteer. This country has one of the world’s highest rates of HIV/AIDS. Get an opportunity to work with the families of the persons with HIV/AIDs or the orphans. There are HIV education programs that you can get into. Then, if taking breaks from the volunteer job, enjoy the coastline of coastline along Capetown and select from its game parks and private reserves in Addo Elephant National Park. Madikwe  Private Reserve.