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Finding the perfect volunteering opportunity for you in 2019

There are many volunteering 2019 opportunities you can find. If you are really up for it, it can be beneficial both to you and to the community. Plus, this is a great way for one to create networks which can benefit someone in their careers in the long run.

Below are some of the volunteering opportunities to consider besides the usual picking up trash in the streets:

Volunteering opportunities to consider

Stopping sex trade in India

Sex trafficking is something that has been going on for years. This is a form of slavery that needs to be curbed. There are a number of foundations that are dedicated to ending this. One thing that makes sex trade prevail is the lack of resources for the victims. They are left in a vulnerable position that sex trade becomes the only option they have. Unfortunately, those that suffer most are underage kids.

One way you can lend a hand is by offering the kids the education and financial support they require. There are also safe havens for such kids. If you are up for it, offer monetary support or even go to India and find such organizations and volunteer in any way you can.

Working with elephants in Thailand

elephant volunteering

Elephants have for the longest time been considered endangered species. This is because people kill them for their ivory. Consider volunteering 2019 with elephants in Thailand. They have been a great tourist attraction for Thailand.

The greatest way to offer help is to protect these elephants and offer education on how people harm them. There are various elephant sanctuaries in Thailand where these animals are kept safe. How about helping out here and offer these animals the care they need.

Volunteering 2019 by teaching students in 3rd world countries

volunteer teaching

They say teaching is a calling. And if it’s yours and you have time on your hands, then consider teaching kids in third world countries, especially those that have been bombarded with war. Tough choice, right? It can be as simple as teaching them English, hygiene, how to use computers or football. Whatever you are good at, teach them.