dream sequence in pictures


Lucid dreaming can be defined as a dream whereby the dreamer is aware that they are in fact dreaming. During one of these lucid episodes, the dreamer can exert some degree of control over events, the narrative, and the environment. The ability to lucid dream is one that can be taught and can have benefits for your body and mind. These benefits include:

Improved creativity


Because you can explore your subconscious, you can utilize lucid dreaming as a means of improving creativity. As anything and everything is a possibility in a dream you can let go of all your inhibitions and create a story for the ages.


Better problem-solving


By electing to be conscious during your dreams you will encounter problems that you otherwise would be unaware of. This is like practice for the brain, you will gain a greater understanding of the way things work and may be able to incorporate the problem-solving skills you use in your dreams into real life situations

Greater confidence


You may experience a boost in confidence given that you can undertake a range of actions without any repercussions. Basically, practice is never-ending in the dream world. For example, if you have a fear of snakes you can encounter such fears in the dream world without having to worry about getting bitten.

But despite these attractive benefits, you need be aware that there is a key danger of lucid dreaming that needs to be mentioned….

You may get hooked on the distorted reality


Lucid dreaming is so real and so remarkable that by mastering it you may run the risk of being so attracted to it that you wish to enjoy the dream world more than the real world. You need to keep in mind that this is not real. For example, it’s great fun reading a book, but we do so in our downtime. Lucid dreaming is similar, enjoy the escape from reality but don’t forget that you will always be judged by what you do in the real world, so make the most of the time that you are awake.