Is there any evidence that soulmates are real?


Everybody wants to meet their soulmates, right? For some people, there is a big frantic searching activity for meeting the one. Some may call them as soul mates other as the life partner but whatever their label may be, they are very significant in our lives. But what are soulmates and how do they affect our life? Are soulmates real?  What does science tell us about soulmates? And if they are real, do we have a way of meeting them soon within our lifetime? 

Defining what is a soulmate

Soulmates are those individual we meet at some point in our life who knows who we really are and have an intense connection with us.  Soul mates are those individuals with whom we can have deep relationships with.  Soul mates have that intense connection with us that they can help transcend beyond where we are at, at the present reality and help us to become more than what we are and we can be. Thus, for some soulmates are not necessarily romantic partners.


Soulmates but not necessarily romantic partners

Friends and relatives whom we share a deep connection can also be a soulmate. Further, this new definition on soulmates points to a conclusion that soulmates will not be a permanent fixture in our lives as their mission is to make us become more than what we are right now and more than what we can be. All these will happen through our deep connection with them. Our soul mates can help us deal with life – challenges, and difficulties which will be too difficult for us to deal with if we are alone. But the most stunning conclusion, therefore, is that soulmates might not necessarily become the romantic partner.


Chances of meeting our soulmates according to science

What do sciences say about soulmates? Is there evidence that points to the chances that we will be able to meet our soulmates in this lifetime? Well, a scientist says that chances of meeting your soulmate seem bleak. Mathematics, for example, calculates that with the number of people in the world and in this lifetime, there is not a chance for us to meet our soulmate. In science, if we believe in metaphysics, we can agree with its claim that there is that energy that connects human beings.

In psychology, their notion is that the more you invest yourself and work through the relationship – the stronger the bond will be with that person. Thus, science has not really concluded that we are to meet our soulmate in this lifetime if we will just concentrate on the ideals of what is a soulmate. What is important, as recommended, is for us to prepare ourselves even before looking for our partner.


Search for a life partner instead of a soulmate

At present, we are being told that instead of focusing our energies on finding a life partner. A life partner is a bit different from a soulmate. With soulmates, we may have a deep and soul – reaching connection but with a life partner, we can develop a long-lasting relationship that comes from mutual trust, understanding, and acceptance.

While we want someone to shake us to the core, we also wanted someone to have a lasting relationship with us, not just to change a particular portion or phase in our lives. We want someone to journey with us who will accept us for who we are and help us to become the best that we can be.

Starting your journey to find your soulmate or life partner through online dating

For some, their journey to finding their life partner has already been achieved at one point when they met the love of their life. For some, the journey has just begun and what a way to search for that life partner than to employ different strategies in dating like the online dating apps we have. These online dating services allow you to search for that soulmate/life partner at the convenience of your home or at your own time preference.

The dating sites have screening algorithms that allow you to save time in searching for their thousands of members. Aside from this, your preferences are considered since there are already sites tailored for what you want.

For those who are into interracial dating, there are sites for you.  There is a  site for gay interracial dating which will address your need to meet someone of a different race. With all of these happening in the real life and online, you are well on your way to finding the one.

. Are soulmates real? This is a question that you can now answer.