loving couple

How do I know if you are my soulmate?

Are you confident enough in your relationship for you to tell your partner “you are my soulmate”? How can one know for sure?

Some people are very skeptical about the whole soulmate idea. But going by experience, I believe that one can meet someone and connect on a deep level. I have had the chance of meeting several couples who prove that soulmates are real.

If you believe in that kind of thing, then you must be looking for tell-tell signs whenever you meet someone new. Plus, if you are the kind of person who believes in the forever kind of love, you definitely don’t want to miss the signs, lest you lose the chance of being with your one and only true love.

Below are some of the signs to look out for in your current relationship

1. You have intense physical chemistry

 This kind of chemistry isn’t just on a sexual level. It’s in the touch… It’s in the feel… It’s in the kiss… It’s just about everything and it is intense. You just want to walk hand in hand and it feels great. And when you kiss, even just a peck… you feel it. 

2. You are best friends

I believe if someone is your one true love, then whatever you have is beyond physical. This is the person you can talk to freely and lets you express yourself freely. This is the person you can sit and challenge each other without it affecting your romantic relationship. This is the person you enjoy spending time with. This is the one person you want to hang out with all the time because being with them is fun! This is your best friend!

If you can have a friend in a romantic partner, this kind of love doesn’t fade away. This person is “the one”.

3. You are completely free with one another

comfortable couple

If from day one you made a connection with ease and were able to be yourself without fear of judgment, then you are soulmates.  You feel comfortable around each other and don’t feel the need to pretend. You can tell each other everything… your fears and your emotions. Basically, you have truly accepted each other (flaws and all).

4. You fight for your love

Even soulmates fight. But the difference is in how they handle their fights. If even after a fight, you find a way to resolve it and the underlying goal remains to be together, then you are meant to be. Soulmates will always fight for their relationship. Whether it is in the relationship or out of it. Even when in a fight, you are fighting to make things better. You put your egos aside because you want your relationship to work.

If you and your partner are protective of one another in the sense that you can both defend one another from the outside world, then that’s a keeper.

5.You can comfortably say: “You are my soulmate”

“When you know, you know”, so they say. It may sound like a cliche but most couples in long-term relationships say they knew from the first time they met and they had found the one. So if you don’t have doubts, then it’s the real deal. Trust your gut.

If you find such a romantic partner and your relationship is what I have talked about, then you can say without a doubt: you are my soulmate