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Finding the perfect volunteering opportunity for you in 2019

There are many volunteering 2019 opportunities you can find. If you are really up for it, it can be beneficial both to you and to the community. Plus, this is a great way for one to create networks which can benefit someone in their careers in the long run.

Below are some of the volunteering opportunities to consider besides the usual picking up trash in the streets:

Volunteering opportunities to consider

Stopping sex trade in India

Sex trafficking is something that has been going on for years. This is a form of slavery that needs to be curbed. There are a number of foundations that are dedicated to ending this. One thing that makes sex trade prevail is the lack of resources for the victims. They are left in a vulnerable position that sex trade becomes the only option they have. Unfortunately, those that suffer most are underage kids.

One way you can lend a hand is by offering the kids the education and financial support they require. There are also safe havens for such kids. If you are up for it, offer monetary support or even go to India and find such organizations and volunteer in any way you can.

Working with elephants in Thailand

elephant volunteering

Elephants have for the longest time been considered endangered species. This is because people kill them for their ivory. Consider volunteering 2019 with elephants in Thailand. They have been a great tourist attraction for Thailand.

The greatest way to offer help is to protect these elephants and offer education on how people harm them. There are various elephant sanctuaries in Thailand where these animals are kept safe. How about helping out here and offer these animals the care they need.

Volunteering 2019 by teaching students in 3rd world countries

volunteer teaching

They say teaching is a calling. And if it’s yours and you have time on your hands, then consider teaching kids in third world countries, especially those that have been bombarded with war. Tough choice, right? It can be as simple as teaching them English, hygiene, how to use computers or football. Whatever you are good at, teach them.

plant based protein foods

Plant-based protein foods that are great for both heart and mind

Plant-based diet is becoming incresingly popular among the many part of the world, people are actively looking for a healthy food substitute to keep themselves fit and strong.
Many people think a plant-based diet is low in protein which is essential to grow muscles, but that is certainly not true. There are many plant-based foods available that is not just incredibly tasty but they also contain a high percentage of protein.

Tofu, tempeh, and edamame:

We all know that soy products are high in protein, Tofu, tempeh, and edamame are incredible sources of protein that can add-up value to your diet.


Lentils are very common in Indian food culture, you can include them too in your daily diet.
Although there are many different types of lentils and they all contain considerable about of protein. There is 8-10 gram of protein in half cup of lentils.

plant based protein foods


Peanuts are high in protein and you can eat them in many different ways, you can either consume them roasted, use them in salad and peanut butter remains all time favorite. Peanuts contain 26 grams of protein per 100gram of weight.


You can call it a superfood, spirulina is a green and blue alga that is available in your local supermarket. 2 tablespoon of spirulina contains around 8 g of, It is also rich in other nutrients, like B vitamins and manganese.


Fitness freaks love it, it is a high protein food item that you can consume in your breakfast.
Quinoa is also rich in magnesium, iron, fiber, and manganese which makes it a great choice for your overall body needs.


Vegans can’t really survive without beans, whether its black bean, kidney beans, mung or pinto, they are high in vital minerals and contain a high amount of protein.

plant based protein foods

Plant-based protein:

Many brands has introduced the plant-based protein supplements to fulfill the protein requirements of vegans. If you have higher body goals then there is nothing wrong in supplementing your body with some easy source of protein.

Animal volunteer opportunities

This summer try searching for animal volunteer opportunities to boost your soul.

Did you ever participate in volunteering for animals? Yes, we are talking about giving your services for those speechless animals who desperately need your help for survival. Most of the aminal shelters are run by nonprofit organizations but some of them lack the required workforce to maintain the smooth functioning of shelters.

Giving your services to those animal shelters can help in the survival of animals and it can benefit your mind and soul as well.

Let’s discuss the reasons to look for animal volunteer opportunities.

Animal volunteer opportunities

Lower stress:

The tendency to serve someone without expecting anything in return have great values, people who usually volunteer for animal welfare are found to have a lower level of stress. This happens mainly because of two reasons, you spend time with the animals you love which improve your mood and helping animals improve your self-esteem that boost the self-confidence and lower anxiety.

Meet new people:

Looking to connect with new people? Try volunteering, it helps in getting connected with people who have the same interest. Volunteering can help in adding some lifelong friendships, additionally, people who are willing to serve others tends to be a better partner.

Your efforts can change their life:

Basically, you are volunteering because you care for animals, whether its dot, cat or elephant, devoting a few hours every week can improve the lives of animals and make them more affectionate with humans.

A most common problem of most of the animal shelters is they lack workforce, so they kill the animals who are not getting adopted, your service can help them to be adopted sooner.


You are not charging any money but still, you are gaining an experience that can be proven priceless. Being a volunteer may involve different kind of works like working on the phone, communicating on mail, grooming and arranging sessions with potential owners, etc. all these works will train you to be a better human being and improve your technical skills.

Additionally, part-time volunteering is very much appreciated by many employers, it displays your mindset towards the welfare of society.

Stay active

It’s a great way to burn some calories and spend some active time instead of gulping some beers while sitting on the couch and watching Netflix.

Animal volunteer opportunities

friends laughing

Make sure to maintain contact with the close friends in your life

When you with someone on a deep and mutual friendship level, it pays to maintain such close friends. The thing is, genuine friends are hard to find. They are rare. We go through life meeting hundreds of people. The thing is, people, come into our life paths for a reason. Some might stay in our lives longer than others. We might have a falling out with others. But only the rare few stick as the best of friends… through thick or thin.

Why it is crucial to maintain friendships from afar

There are times when work or other circumstances can force you to travel the world or even move away from your friends. But this shouldn’t mean that now you just abandon them completely. Yes, you probably have this new world. Yes, you will meet other people while on this journey. But are they genuine? Will they stick by you through thick and thin? If your close friends you are such kind of people, then make it a point to connect with them once in a while.

Friends will comfort you in times of need

As you grow older, you need people you can rely on. So if your friend is the kind of friend who can drop everything they are doing in your time of need just to be there for you, then wherever you are, keep in touch.  You never know when you will need that listening ear.

Friends will give you a reality check

A true friend will slap you on the wrist if they have to just so that you don’t fall into a ditch. Such friends will help you grow and guide you towards the right paths in life. 

Close friends are good for your health

The thing is, good friends are good for our health and general well-being. Studies have shown that as you grow older, being surrounded by friends will make you live longer. Apparently having friends later in life can even prevent chronic diseases. 

So wherever you are, pick up that phone and call that long-lost friend.

jobs in charity organizations

Charity Organization Jobs That Will Provide You With An Experience To Remember

Volunteering and jobs in charity organizations for a social cause is definitely a great feeling, but it is something that is helpful for your career as well.

“One of the great ironies of life is this: He or she who serves almost always benefits more than he or she who is served.” – Gordon Hinckle

Here are some of the greatest benefits of free volunteering

  • Development of teamwork, almost every organization looks for the teamwork capability before hiring any candidate. Jobs in charity organizations and serving people gives you develop the immense power to take a decision and follow directions.
  • If you someone struggling with the quality of your friend circle then you should probably start volunteering. Helps you connect to new people with a much serious approach towards life and you may learn a lot of things from them.
  • Apart from serving for some social cause skill development if the second best thing that you get to benefit from.
  • jobs in charity organizations

Volunteer at charity events

There are many charity events that you can enroll yourself to volunteer for, these events help you develop managerial skills and help you meet interesting people.

Many organizations prioritize people with volunteering background over candidates with no such experience.

Educate people

Every person is good at something, still not sure what you are good at then you better find out. Volunteering for free helps you develop superior skills while educating people for free. You might be good at music or photography skills, you might be good at some sports or cooking. All you need to do is plan things to reach more people to get your audience.

Disaster relief

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to help others while putting your own life at danger, many government jobs look for candidates who are naturally willing to help and serve people of the country, whether its police service or firefighting you will require a high degree of empathy for victims.

woman meditating

Make sure to go and cleanse your soul from all the negativity

Do you need to go cleanse your soul? Is it important?

Sometimes you might find yourself surrounded by all the negative things in your life. This can be internal negative thoughts, bad influences such as addictions to alcohol, tobacco, and negativity in the forms of ‘friends’ that may be dragging you down. Well if you are feeling such a bad aura, you need to consider going for some soul cleansing.

The importance of soul cleansing

Negative energy can hold you down from achieving your full potential

We all need to be at our best in order to function well. So, if there is bad energy like fear, anxiety or depression, it weighs us down. Not only does this affect you as a person, it can also affect your performance at work. So you need to go cleanse to function well.

Negativity can affect our relationships

coworkers arguing

Whether it’s at work or at home, negativity rubs other people off the wrong way. You might find yourself arguing with every person you come across. This can make people start avoiding you altogether. So you end up finding yourself feeling lonely. You might even screw up romantic relationships or your work. Take time and work on yourself.

Go cleanse to keep bad diseases away.

Negativity usually affects people’s health too. You might find yourself getting stress-related diseases like coronary diseases, high blood pressure, ulcers, depression. All these aren’t good for our bodies and souls. The minute you start a cleanse, you will realize that most of these diseases start getting healed. Healing our souls heals the body too.

Whether it is your friends or addiction that is bringing the bad aura in your life start removing them from your life. The sooner you do it the sooner you will start living a richer, fuller and healthier life.

friends hanging out

Surround yourself with a group of friends who are right for you

Do you surround yourself with a group of friends that’s right for you?

Growing up, I remember how parents used to vet my friends. I would even be banned from seeing some of them. The reason behind it: They were not right for me. I never understood the logic behind all this. If anything, I thought they just wanted to make my life miserable. Until I became a teenager and got into trouble in school because of some of those friends. That’s when I began to understand the whole thing. 

One thing growing up has taught me is the importance of surrounding myself with the right people. If the people you are calling friends who are so self-absorbed and cant even listen to you, then it’s about time you reconsidered your choices.

You need to have people who are genuinely interested in you as a person. These are the kind of people who don’t just want you for what you have. Or the kind of people who just want you because you are a stepping stone to something that will better their lives. Opportunists and selfish people are not real friends.

How to identify the right group of friends. 

The right friends will always be there for you. They will laugh with you when happy and comfort you when you are sad. They will sit with you and enjoy your riches. And they will assist you when you don’t have enough. These are the people who will give it to you straight when you are doing things that are detrimental to your life. They won’t sit, watch you and encourage you then laugh at you when you fail. However, if you decide to a hardhead about it, they will stand by your decision and will be there for you when you fall.

Finding the right group of friends isn’t easy. But you are better off without friends at all, than having a bunch of bad ones.

If you notice something off about the people you hang out with, weed them out early enough. It will save you lots of disappointments in future.

gift ideas planning

Gift Ideas For Couples

Many people get stuck when it about planning a gift for a single person and planning a gift for a couple is almost impossible for many. It’s very difficult to gift something that is equally important to both of them and something they are equally passionate about. for example, gifting a Cheap hookah to a hookah lower couple.

Let me tell you my own story, it was an anniversary time of one of my closest friend and I got stuck into a similar situation, she was a voracious reader and he was someone who can hardly tolerate reading. I was stuck between the idea of gifting something that can match the passion of both then I got an Idea os gifting them a nice hookah set, since both of then used to enjoy spending time with hookah.

Let’s explore the best gift ideas for couples, I am sure that your search for the perfect gift for the couple will be resolved from the given Ideas below.

Hex Wine Rack

Most of the couple love to have vine together but only a few tend to decorate them on the countertop of the dining area, this is something that will transform their dining area into a statement of elegance. This gift is something you will surely get a lot of appreciation from time to time. And if you want to win the friend of the year statement then you can think of including few bottles of different wines bottles as well.

Couple cocktail glass set

Instead of gifting anything about their utility gift something that will remind them of their happy hours, gift them a couple cocktail glass set that does have some playful saying or their name printed on them.

Couple cocktail glass set is something that will be used only in their alone time and when they would like to have an in-house cocktail date together, and you will surely be praised for gifting them a piece of “”

gift Idea

Bonfire Log

Bonfire log is a perfect outdoor party gift you can get your hands on, these logs are specially designed to lit with a single matchstick and will stay crackling for more than an hour. They can take this portable log anywhere for their fun date.


I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like hookah, and a good piece of hookah can be a perfect thing to be gifted to a couple.

Why you should gift a hookah:

  1. Less toxic than conventional smoke
  2. Can have a long conversation while enjoying hookah
  3. Flexibility to enjoy different flavors
  4. Less overall nicotine.
  5. It smells fresh and clean.


The jobs that are most competitive amongst volunteers

It is a dream come true for anyone who can travel to other places yet make a difference. These are few of the benefits gained when you embark on a volunteering program. Whether this is due to the gaps in your academic program,  n activity with friends or even a personal journey, helping others through volunteer jobs can be a good option for you. Work with animals in exotic locations, go on a medical internship aboard a floating hospital, work with conservation specialists and teach students on different subjects. Having a volunteer job is a life-changing opportunity to touch other lives. You can learn new skills, touch the lives of others, travel and make a difference.  For couples, this is a good activity that the two of you can get involved in, start working as a couple with these volunteer jobs.


Marine conservation at its finest


With over 300 beaches along its coastline, volunteer jobs in Costa Rica can never be boring. Turtle hatchings can be experienced every time and anywhere in I beaches. As a volunteer, you have the big role in fighting a battle against poaching and pollution. Turtle conservation and research is the main activity but you can still get involved in health care provisions teaching English or care for children with special needs.

What you can gain in Ghana


When you dream of Africa, why not travel to Ghana and embark on jobs that involve teaching English, providing medical care. Unlike other West African nations, Ghana has not experienced the ethnic and civil wars.  Yet, it still faces the challenges of development for its population. As a volunteer, you have the challenge to make a difference in development work.  On a lighter side, while you stay there, be amazed at the historic forts and castles that you cannot find in any African nations. Then marvel at the elephant herds in Mole National Park.

Tibet could be your best bet    


The richness of the culture of the Tibetans is enough for one to be lured to travel to Tibet. For someone who has a vast interest in sociology or anthropology, this experience could be for you. If you want to make real connections with people in the community, you can stay at the home of a Tibetan family to for a real-life immersion.

In the heart of South Africa


If you are an HIV /AIDS advocate, South Africa is a good place for you as a volunteer. This country has one of the world’s highest rates of HIV/AIDS. Get an opportunity to work with the families of the persons with HIV/AIDs or the orphans. There are HIV education programs that you can get into. Then, if taking breaks from the volunteer job, enjoy the coastline of coastline along Capetown and select from its game parks and private reserves in Addo Elephant National Park. Madikwe  Private Reserve.

Yoga in Nature

Summer Destinations To Refill Your Soul And Recreation

Summer is arriving sooner than we think. And you know what that means? Summer vacation! You may already have a lot of summer destinations in mind but there is something that you need to take into consideration now.

Spa massageThat is taking the vacation advantage to focus on your health and entire well-being. Luckily for you, there are many summer destinations that can help you refill your soul and at the same time keep your vacation as enjoyable as possible.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia is known not only one of the must-go summer destinations but also known to be a sacred island. Locals believe that the said place is magical that explains the mystical vibe it possesses. Because of this, Bali became an ideal place for yoga and other wellness activities. These wellness activities include massages, cookery seminars, dipping in the island’s sacred waters and visits to the Bat Cave temple. These activities can help your body become flexible and make you understand how to have inner calmness.

Sussex, England

Sussex of England is not only known for its many historical sites. It is also the famous home of the magical Ayahuasca drink. It is located at the Well-being and Ceremonial Sanctuary where shamans create this mystical drink.

Ayahuasca is made up of the Ayahuasca vine and Chacruna plant. The Ayamama rain queen, who is the shaman, indoctrinates that the drink can make people attain higher levels of emotional intelligence. People who drink this is said to have a stronger bond with nature. Science claims that the drink is a good detoxifier and can relieve stress.

San Benito Farm, Philippines

The San Benito Farm is a massive area in the Philippines where people can enjoy healthy recreational activities. It is a resort filled with villas, spas, therapy stations, gardens, pools and a relaxing ambiance. The resort also produced naturally and freshly made vegan meals that can help you startup your healthy eating diet.


Thailand is not only famous for its many historical structures and rich culture but is also very popular for its uplifting surroundings. The country has aimed itself to help their guest improve themselves. It has a lot of massage spas that offer their worldwide famous Thai massage. It also has beach areas that offer meditation spots, sauna, and other healing treatment spots. The country is also filled with native food products that help you get detoxification. It also has a lot of wellness camps throughout the country that aims to teach both citizens and tourists to live healthy lives.

Yoga in NatureSo what are you waiting for? Add these places as your next summer destination. These places had shown you that you can not only enjoy a nice vacation but also get uplifted and detoxified.