About me

woman performing yoga in a park


Hola! My name is Isaac Fernandez and this is my website. It has always been a dream of mine to one day construct a website based around the thing that I am most passionate about and that day has finally arrived!

A brief history

Let me tell you a little about me. I was born in Mexico to a single mother in a rough neighborhood. At a young age we had the good fortune of immigrating to the United States of America, yet I didn’t immediately make the most of the good fortune. I should have been grateful, but I am the first to admit I was a terrible teen. I was constantly messing up, I was angry, over what I do not know but it wasn’t very much. This included getting into trouble with the police (not over anything too serious) and this caused tremendous grief to my mum. When mum passed away while I was completing senior year at high school I was in a downwards spiral. But then came the day that changed my life forever…

A change for the better

Walking home from school and in a terribly foul mood I stumbled upon a woman doing yoga in the park. I was instantly transfixed. Why was she sitting there doing what looked to be such a waste of time and effort and why did she seem so at peace? I gathered the nerve to speak to her once she had finished and she handed me a card to a yoga and meditation center. I had that card for 6 weeks before I acted on it.

I remain frustrated

From the day I walked into that center until this very day that I sit here writing these very words, my life has been better. I found my inner-self and have never been more comfortable in my own body than I am today. Yet I do remain frustrated. Frustrated with the many people who seem to possess such a defeatist attitude in society and who are struggling to break free of the stress and anxiety that is emanating from within.

My goal for this website 

My goal for this website is to provide people with some tips and ideas that will enliven themselves and their lives. There are many benefits to getting in touch with your soul. The positive feelings that it can give you and the ability it then gives you to go and help make a positive impact in other people’s lives is significant.

I hope you enjoy this site as it continues to develop, I hope you get something out of it and I hope we can be friends.

Much love,

Isaac xxx