friends laughing

Make sure to maintain contact with the close friends in your life

When you with someone on a deep and mutual friendship level, it pays to maintain such close friends. The thing is, genuine friends are hard to find. They are rare. We go through life meeting hundreds of people. The thing is, people, come into our life paths for a reason. Some might stay in our lives longer than others. We might have a falling out with others. But only the rare few stick as the best of friends… through thick or thin.

Why it is crucial to maintain friendships from afar

There are times when work or other circumstances can force you to travel the world or even move away from your friends. But this shouldn’t mean that now you just abandon them completely. Yes, you probably have this new world. Yes, you will meet other people while on this journey. But are they genuine? Will they stick by you through thick and thin? If your close friends you are such kind of people, then make it a point to connect with them once in a while.

Friends will comfort you in times of need

As you grow older, you need people you can rely on. So if your friend is the kind of friend who can drop everything they are doing in your time of need just to be there for you, then wherever you are, keep in touch.  You never know when you will need that listening ear.

Friends will give you a reality check

A true friend will slap you on the wrist if they have to just so that you don’t fall into a ditch. Such friends will help you grow and guide you towards the right paths in life. 

Close friends are good for your health

The thing is, good friends are good for our health and general well-being. Studies have shown that as you grow older, being surrounded by friends will make you live longer. Apparently having friends later in life can even prevent chronic diseases. 

So wherever you are, pick up that phone and call that long-lost friend.